Principal's Message

Greetings from your home school!

We Are Sultana! As we move into the 2018- 2019 school year, we focus on one of our greatest features- we are a family. That is why we have received the coveted Daily Press’s Best Public High Schools award for the second straight year. First place! Sultana also received the first clear 6-year accreditation in our school district’s history. The U.S. News and Report magazine has identified our high school as a top high school in the country. We are excited about these honors and realize that our partnership with you, our great staff and students, and our sense of family have made this recognition possible.

We prepare your students for college and career here at Sultana. Our focus is to create a pathway for college, career, and life skills for each of our students. Our world is changing every day. The skills that your child develops will be necessary to compete for jobs, many of which are not even available yet. Your child will communicate, collaborate, critically think, and be creative in his/her classrooms! Six different career pathways- health, auto, STEM, fine arts, construction, and consumer science/child development- are available. Choose one or more! When you add our fantastic clubs, activities, and sporting teams to your child’s experience, his/her four years in high school will be amazing.

Our school is in its 24th year of serving the students on the east side of Hesperia! Our digital handbook that you can find on this website will help you navigate through this school year. In order to provide the safest campus possible, we need to work together to follow the policies, procedures, and rules that are detailed in this helpful resource. I am proud of our school’s commitment to security and safety. Let’s work together by following the simple motto, “If you hear or see something, please say something.” In order to learn and be successful, you have to feel secure in your environment. We will support all of our students to have the peace of mind that is necessary to pursue excellence and success.

Get involved and make memories here. I will be your greatest cheerleader. We want the experiences at Sultana High School to be exciting. Each student will be part of our family and be essential to who we are: #wearesultana #onceasultanalwaysasultan – more than slogans.

Your Fellow Sultan,

Larry Bird