School Site Council

Hey Sultans! What is School Site Council? Why is it important? Teachers, staff, parents, and students if you would like to know the answers, please attend the training session on September 12 at 3 pm in the Annex of the district office on Main Street. There are openings on the council this year. Why not be a part of it. The next SSC meeting is on September 23rd at 2:45pm in the front conference room.

The California Department of Education and the Hesperia Unified School District have established laws and policies that require and guide School Site Councils. Under California Education Code Sections 52852 and 64001, School Site Councils are required for California schools that participate in specified categorical programs. Additionally, the Hesperia Unified School District requires all district schools to establish and maintain a School Site Council.

The School Site Council is a decision-making body that represents all stakeholders of the school community. School Site Councils oversee the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and the categorical budgets associated with the plan. The SPSA is a plan that establishes the goals for a school’s student achievement, programs, and funds that the school is using to achieve these goals. School Site Councils support increased student achievement by focusing their work on the development, monitoring, and evaluation of the SPSA and corresponding budgets.

By working cooperatively, all elements of the school population ensure that each school site plan focuses resources upon improvement strategies, which guarantees that all students meet high standards.